Waiting on God | Thoughts about God Daily Devotional by Helen Lescheid – Christian Article

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope.”Psalm 130: 5 We spend much of our time waiting for prayers to be answered.  Waiting for healing.  Waiting for our children to come home. Waiting for a job opportunity. Waiting for the house to sell. Why so much waiting? Time is a protection for us. We couldn’t bear to see all our lives at once. Waiting on God is not the same as doing…

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Why I Would Become a Stoic – Christian Article

As a professor at Houston Baptist University, each spring I guide a group of students through the Stoic Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. As part of that journey I always confess, to the surprise of many students, that if it could be proven Christ didn’t rise from the dead, I’d abandon Christianity and become a Stoic. I mean that. If the resurrection didn’t happen, then Christianity is a hoax. If Christianity is a hoax, then God has not really spoken. And…

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