The Recipe for Good Pastoral Theology – Christian Article

An Underrated Theologian Spurgeon isn’t always thought of as a theologian. He’s thought of as a popular preacher. In reality, he was a theologian. He read books of theology avidly. He was reading six books of theology a week. He was studying the Scriptures in the original languages. You can see that in his sermons. He doesn’t show it off, but it comes out. You can see that he has been reading. He was an avid student of Scripture and…

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3 Crucial Qualities of All Good Sermons – Christian Article

Anatomy of the Soul John Calvin once said that the Psalms are an anatomy of all parts of the soul. What the Psalms do is present the idealistic, the realistic, and the optimistic view of the Christian life. In a sense, the whole Bible does that and it’s important that a preacher do that as well. If you only preach the idealistic part of the Christian life—the Romans 8 part where everything is well and you’re growing in the spirit,…

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How to Stop Thinking about What People Think of You – Christian Article

Ruled By a Question Self-consciousness is really bondage to the question, What do people think of me? I think that question can govern our lives without our even being aware of it—kind of like white noise in the background of our lives. We can live with a constant undercurrent of wondering What do people think of me? What do they think of what I’m wearing today? What do they think of what I just said? What do they think of…

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How Biblical Doctrine Makes Us Beautiful – Christian Article

God’s Glory Shining The Reformation was intimately tied to beauty, goodness, and human flourishing because the Reformers were seeing—through Scripture—God’s glory shine. And as God’s glory is made known, it’s in that light that we are saved. It’s in that light of God’s glory that human lives flourish. It’s in seeing the beauty, goodness, and the truth of God that we come more fully alive. When God is glorified, humans will be fulfilled, satisfied, and find joy and what they…

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Why Pastors (and All of Us) Should Read the Puritans – Christian Article

Acknowledging Sin The Puritans have influenced me in huge ways throughout my life. I was nine years old when I first came under conviction of sin. I felt my sinfulness, went to my dad’s bookcase, and I scanned all of his Puritan books. I saw The Life and Death of Mr. Badman by John Bunyan. I thought, Well, I’m a bad boy, so I better read that book. So, I made my way through it. I find that the Puritans…

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