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Surviving the Bible for Lent with Tripp Fuller – Christian Article

Tripp Fuller, from the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, join Amy and Christian to extend a warm invitation to join the Surviving the Bible for Lent community. For a lot of us these texts have been used as weapons, experienced as burdens, so let’s acknowledge that together and discover what it looks like to survive the bible today. If you’re interested in thinking about scripture in a new and different way, this is the group for you. Amy, Christian and Tripp will answer your…

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#SurvivingTheBible for Lent: Super-Duper Pooper-Scooper Messiah – Christian Article

We just passed 15% of our monthly goal! Thanks to everyone who helps to support the CultureCast. You can help us reach our goal, support the podcast, and get some sweet perks by donating at This special edition of the CultureCast is from the first live session of Surviving the Bible for Lent, with Homebrewed Christianity’s Tripp Fuller. Tripp, Christian, and Amy take a look at the texts for the second Sunday in Lent (Mark 8:31-38; Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Romans 4:13-25)…

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#SurvivingTheBible for Lent: Cleansing Our Temples – Christian Article

This edition of the CultureCast is from the second live session of Surviving the Bible for Lent, with Tripp Fuller and Christian and Amy. They take a look at the texts for the second Sunday in Lent (Exodus 20:1-17; Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 1:18-25; John 2:13-22). Tripp gives you 3 different sermons you can preach for Lent using this text, Amy helps us find our true selves, and Christian helps us see the Good News, but difficult news, of Lent. The 10 commandments – what…

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Mandy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and the Democratization of God (#SurvivingTheBible for Lent) – Christian Article

This week on the CultureCast we continue with highlights from the Surviving the Bible for Lent course. Tripp gives you your Bible-nerd fact of the day, you’ll hear about why David is like the Harvey Weinstein of the Hebrew Bible, what Mandy Moore has to do with the Psalms, and our avoidance of suffering. First up, Jeremiah 31:31-34. Tripp once again gives you many options for preaching this text: who has access to God in the new covenant? the tension between…

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The Moral Compromise of Supporting Trump – Christian Article

In this episode, Christian and Amy ask why white Evangelicals support Trump in such big numbers. As much as 77% of white Evangelicals support Trump. Why do they continue to support him? Do progressives share anything with Evangelicals besides the name Christian? They talk about the moral compromise and rationalization of supporting Trump, the perceived loss of (white) identity, support for a populist movement, and comfort with a patriarchal order. Plus, and update and continuation from the last episode on…

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