thoughts by Francis Frangipane

Everyone Who Seeks Finds | Devotional by Francis Frangipane – Christian Article

It is not hard to recognize one who has spent extended time at a newsstand: his conversation overflows with the drama of current affairs. And, it is not hard to discern a person who has come from a sporting event, as their face reveals the outcome of the game. Likewise, people can tell when an individual has spent extended time seeking God. An imperturbable calm guards their heart, and their countenance is radiant with light, as with the morning dew…

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Christ, Our Life | Devotional by Francis Frangipane – Christian Article

For many, Christianity is simply the religion into which they were born. For others, although Jesus is truly their Savior, their relationship with Him is hardly more than a history lesson, a study of what He did in the past. For those who truly love Him, however, Christ is Savior and more: He is their very life (Colossians 3:4). When Jesus is your life you cannot go on without Him. There is a story of a young man who, in…

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