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Caution! Don’t Jump the Due Process – Christian Article

Speed breakers are designed and constructed on our roads so that, motorists will apply some sense of control while driving. It keeps them cautious and reduces their haste. Having to drive through some areas without these bumps, will be an outright suicide. Today, the world is almost accelerating faster than the wind. Everything is on a high speed. Fast food, fast lane, fast track, crashed courses, fast this and fast that – everyone you see, is in a hurry to…

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Letting Go, Even When it Hurts – Christian Article

It was our yearly retreat and I had paid for an apartment where my family would lodge. I felt very disappointed when the lady in charge allocated a poor apartment to me, plus she was rude and reluctant to change it. In front of a few persons seated, I had made a big deal out of the entire issue, maybe because I had expected fairer treatment. We settled it eventually. However, there were checks here and there in my spirit.…

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