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Praying When in Need | Devotional by Charles Stanley – Christian Article

Read: James 1:1-5 What do you do when you lack clarity in the midst of a trial? Oftentimes we are tempted to do something, anything. But the wisest approach is to pray and wait on the Lord for direction. But how do we begin? Prayer starts with transitioning our thoughts from the situation at hand to the Lord. What we need is His perspective on the difficulty we’re facing. Then we can ask Him to do what He’s purposed to…

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Dealing With Guilty Feelings | Devotional by Charles Stanley – Christian Article

Read: Psalm 32:1-7 Guilt comes from a feeling of responsibility for some wrongdoing. Conviction can result from the Holy Spirit’s efforts to turn us away from sin and guide us to our heavenly Father. But not all guilt stems from ungodly actions. False guilt, which is not prompted by sin, can surface for a variety of reasons, such as disappointment in one’s own performance, a sense of shame over past events, or criticism from others for unmet expectations. Rejection or…

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Jesus: Our Intimate Friend | Devotional by Charles Stanley – Christian Article

Read: Matthew 26:47-50 I’ve counselled plenty of people who argue that they are not worthy of God’s love. Of all the passages I could point to that describe the Lord’s devotion, today’s is the one I think best showcases the unqualified friendship He offers His followers—even when they become wayward. The night before His crucifixion, Jesus was praying at Gethsemane when Judas Iscariot approached with a band of men. The betrayer stepped forward and kissed the Lord. And what was…

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