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God is Satisfied | Thoughts about God Daily Devotional by Bethany Hayes – Christian Article

GOD IS SATISFIED We stand confused.He is not. Circumstances spin out of control.He’s right on schedule. Life aches.He has a purpose. We fret.He is calm. God is not pacing the floors, wondering what’s going on, biting His fingernails, or dissatisfied with our lives and the world in general. He is often grieved, I’m sure. But He’s never surprised. Never caught off guard. Never strategizing to see how He’s going to smooth out what’s been made crooked now. His perspective is…

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Love Works | Devotional by Bethany Hayes – Christian Article

Six days before His death, Jesus went to the village of those who loved Him most.It was His last Sabbath; the first day of His last week on this earth.And He chose to spend it with those He loved. Simon, the Leper (whom Jesus healed) held a supper for Him in His honor.Simon knew the threat that hung over Jesus’ head.He knew the religious leaders’ instructions that if anyone knew where He was, they were to report it.He knew the…

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