Persuasion 157 | Thinking Twice, with Jen Pollock Michel – Christian Article For all the thinking we do, we usually don’t think twice about the preconceived notions we use to keep life simple. We like to place ideas into categories and give everyone a label according to their personality type or their social leanings. It’s a sort of shorthand, relieving us of the effort it takes to explore other people or ideas in full. It’s easier to apply the categories we’ve already figured out to make sense of every mystery or…

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Persuasion 156 | Thinking It Through – Christian Article It’s a rare person who’s willing to engage in thoughtful dialogue to consider the possibility that his or her own view is flawed. Because really, we all stick to our opinions because we believe them to be correct. Not every idea can be correct, however. If we are to learn and grow, it’s necessary that we all learn how to engage with ideas that differ from our own. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson kick…

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, CAPC Gave to Me: Eleven Writers Writing – Christian Article

For each day of Twelvetide, Christ and Pop Culture writers will point to some of the cultural goodness that gives hope in the midst of life’s messyness. It’s our version of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song, filled with things our writers have found to be life-giving. Some entries are 2018 artifacts, some are from years past. All of them point us to hope. Every year, I set a reading goal. Twenty-eighteen was no different. I find that by doing this,…

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