The Beggar’s Plight | Thoughts about God by Sue Braid – Christian Article

I was two years old when I first saw beggars sitting on the side of the road. They were the poorest of the poor in the country where I grew up. Their contorted bodies, sometimes sightless eyes, flat expressions, and plaintive voices unnerved me. At two I, of course, had no idea that — God never looks at the poor with revulsion, but with compassion. Jesus left heaven with its limitless and eternal wealth on every level and “he became…

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Does Jesus Want You to Sell your Stuff? (Luke 12:33) – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

The Bible is full of treasures that we are afraid to open. We fear scriptures that are meant to bless us, and we run from words that should fill us with joy. Here’s an example: Sell your possessions and give to the poor. (Luke 12:33) There is treasure here. Do you see it? Do you realize what Jesus is saying? “He’s saying we have to sell our stuff to be saved. Being rich is wrong because ‘it’s hard for a…

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