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The Difference Between Textual Criticism and Translation – Christian Article

Textual criticism can explain some of the differences people notice between their English translations, such as the omission of “who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” in the NIV of Romans 8:1 (compare Romans 8:1 in the KJV). However, many variations in translations are not text critical in nature; instead, they reflect the translation techniques and the decisions of translation committees. Understanding the differences between text-critical issues and translation issues is an important first step in the…

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What Is Textual Criticism, and Why Is It Necessary? – Christian Article

The Bible was written at a time when the means for sharing documents were far different from the technology we have today. When the church in Thessaloniki received a letter from the apostle Paul in the mid-first century, the believers there would have read it aloud in their gatherings, and then devoted followers who recognized the value of Paul’s words would have produced handwritten copies of the letter to pass around to a wider audience. By the end of the…

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