Our Conservative Christian Home was the Epicenter of Corruption of Minors

Although Tim Challies and I are quite far apart doctrinally, as a fellow-Canadian blogger I feel obliged to periodically checking in to sample his recent writing. He often writes about the impact of pornography, so I was interested in an article titled Has Your Child Been Looking At Bad Stuff Online? Two paragraphs caught my attention: …I think this is behavior we have modeled to our children in that we’ve taught our children when you have questions, you ask the…

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How Logos Bible Software Can Transform Your Bible Study – Christian Article

I don’t normally review or promote products on this blog, but because I’ve really been blown away by Logos Bible Software I am willing to make an exception. The kind folks at Faithlife gave me a free upgrade to the new Logos 8 to review and after reviewing it for the last few weeks, I believe there are some features which could really transform your Bible study. Here are some of my thoughts on Logos Bible Software. Digital Bible Study…

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