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The Gospel Does Not Need Super Bowl Rings – Christian Article

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or any Saturday in college football, you’ve probably heard it—the postgame praise of God for a thrilling win. It’s a rite in the liturgy of much American sport, almost as scripted as a responsive reading. Fans are conditioned to expect that many victorious athletes, approached by microphone-clutching reporter, will breathe out glory to God for unrivaled success. As Christians living in a culture increasingly averse to the gospel, we exult in their opportunity to speak…

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5 Ways Athletes Have a Unique Gospel Platform – Christian Article

Do you know how the late R. C. Sproul came to faith in Christ? Through a football player. In his obituary on Sproul, Justin Taylor recaps the story: R. C. was reborn in September of 1957 during the first weekend of his first semester at Westminster College, a progressive Presbyterian school an hour north of Pittsburgh. Following freshman orientation, R. C. and his roommate (whom he had played baseball with in school) wanted to leave their dry campus to go…

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