Saint George and the Dragon Age: Hic Sunt Dracones – Christian Article

C.S. Lewis, famous for ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’, stated in one of his non-fictional works,  ‘Mere Christianity’, ‘The moment you wake up, all your wishes and hopes for the day rush at you like wild animals. And the first job each morning consists in listening to that other voice, that point of view, letting that other stronger, quieter life come flowing in.’ In other words, our path toward being fully human involves a recognition each day that…

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On the Courage to Speak of God – Christianity Now – Medium – Christian Article

Most of us know people who aren’t inclined to speak for themselves. People who, when asked where they’d like to eat, what they’d like to do, or what they’re interested in, respond by deferring to either group opinion or a kind of verbally confused pantomime. They don’t want to step on anyone’s feet, and they’re very polite. All this comes from a good mix of civility and conscientiousness, but we’ve also seen when it can work against them. Their significant…

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My Response to an Apostate – Beyond Evangelical – Christian Article

Quick update: I’ve recorded over 25 episodes of the upcoming INSURGENCE Podcast with two different partners. We’re waiting on iTunes to publish the podcast, which I expect to happen by next week. So my hope is that by next week’s Thursday email, I’ll be able to give you the link so you can subscribe. To those of you who skim emails, the heading of this post uses the word “apostate,” not “apostle.” They aren’t the same. Cough.  An apostate is…

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5 Things I Wish Older Christians Told Me – Beyond Evangelical – Christian Article

I could write a book on this topic because there are far more than 5. But this is an email update, not a book. I wish an older Christian told me the following when I was in my 20s. It would have saved me a lot of aggravation, frustration, discouragement, [fill in the blank]. Hold on to your chair. These are blunt, even unsettling, observations. 1) You’ll turn your head and you’ll be 40 years old. So live in the…

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8 Signs of a Modern-Day Pharisee – Beyond Evangelical – Christian Article

Even though it’s been “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” since Pharisees were running around in Century One causing trouble for God’s messengers, Pharisees and Pharisaism are still here. They’re like the poor. They’ll always be with you. While Pharisaism is in sharp decline today (experiencing advanced stages of rigor mortis), the pharisaic spirit still exists. And it’s the chief reason why so many non-Christians want nothing to do with Jesus. When I was 18 years old,…

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