Sunday U Magazine – 5 Content Ideas for Your Church Blog & Social Media – Christian Article

Coming up with content to share from your church blog or social media can be a daunting task sometimes. I always encourage church communications leaders to look at what they already have to work with before dealing with the struggle of coming up with something original and new.   Here are five quick ideas for content you can share today: 1. Share articles that you’re learning from. Show your church that you aren’t in this alone, that you are learning from…

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Worlds Colliding | Thinking Out Loud

There’s a classic Seinfeld episode where the character of George, played by Jason Alexander, is concerned that people he knows from one context are invading an entirely separate context. “Worlds Are Colliding!” he announces to anyone who might care. Seinfeld was a big hit, but was produced at a time when our social media was unknown. Today, I wonder the degree to which George would obtain separate accounts for his “worlds.” You can imagine my surprise when Leonard, a cousin…

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