A Complete List of Required Reading for my MDiv Studies – Christian Article

As often as I’ve been asked about the books I’m reading during the duration of my Master of Divinity studies at Covenant Theological Seminary, I thought it might be helpful to put together the entire list of required reading. Couple caveats: 1. This list is required reading for MDiv students at Covenant Theological Seminary from Fall, 2016 to Spring, 2019 based on the classes I took. This list is not meant to curate all the books read at every seminary.…

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Spiritual Growth is Costly – Christian Article

I’ve been thinking more about my time in seminary now that I’m nearing the end. I am not the same person today as that guy who started Greek on that anxious Monday morning over two years ago. Indeed, the more I reflect on my time in seminary, the more I realize just how much I’ve grown spiritually. But it hasn’t come without a cost. Spiritual growth is always costly. What has it cost me? Here are a few things that…

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