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Russell Moore’s Statement, Steven Anderson on KJVOC Chapter 2 – Christian Article

Spent most of our time today examining Dr. Russell Moore’s statement on the Houston Chronicle article, and specifically what he identified as “wrongheaded” and “dangerous” ideas. This required us to revisit Rome’s doctrine of the priesthood and related issues.  Then we responded to Steven Anderson’s second video wherein he reviews the second chapter of The King James Only Controversy.  75 minutes. Here is the YouTube link:Live Video StreamThe Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos…

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An Ultra Mega Dividing Line (2.5 Hours) Covering…A Ton – Christian Article

Started off the program thanking my hosts in Russia for a wonderful time there.  Then we looked at the document produced and signed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam, Ahmed el-Tayeb, and commented on its actual content (unlike some articles that skipped that part and just went for the sensationalistic side).  Then we commented on the left’s drive for infanticide as seen in Northram in Virginia, before moving on, as promised, to a rather full interaction with J.D.…

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