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Book Review: Philosophy and the Christian – Christian Article

By Nathan L. Cartagena In high school, I rarely took classes with other Christians. This wasn’t intentional. It was the outcome of taking “advanced courses” in a school with “advanced students” who had rejected Christianity by middle school. So though I craved the presence of other Christians—a presence which Dietrich Bonhoeffer observes ‘is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer”—it wasn’t to be had. Worse still, my colleagues relished taking opportunities to bash Christians. I vividly remember their…

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25 Non-Christian Press Books from 2018 that Christians Should Read – Christian Article

By Brad Vermurlen Late December means the pastors, seminary professors, and other Christian leaders with whom I’m connected on social media are, once more, sharing their top ten books of the year. As I noted last year, most of the books these leaders select are religiously committed books addressing some aspect of theology, ministry, apologetics, or the Christian life. The books are usually published by evangelical Protestant presses like Zondervan, InterVarsity, Crossway, Eerdmans, Thomas Nelson, Moody, David C. Cook, NavPress,…

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Book Review: The Gospel in Dorothy L. Sayers – Mere Orthodoxy – Christian Article

By Gina Dalfonzo “The variety of Dorothy Sayers’s work makes it almost impossible to find anyone who can deal properly with it all,” wrote C. S. Lewis in his eulogy for his friend and fellow writer. “. . . I certainly can’t.” To try to accomplish what even C. S. Lewis couldn’t do is a daunting prospect. Yet Plough has boldly set out to do just that with The Gospel in Dorothy L. Sayers, the latest installment in their series…

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