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A Few Opening Thoughts then Open Phones – Christian Article

Pretty much open phones today with good questions like “Did Augustine really have the gospel?” and “How central is the issue of credobaptism vs. infant baptism?”  Last US DL for a few weeks as I will be overseas, but we do intend to sneak a few programs in (probably in the mornings here in the US) as time permits. Here is the YouTube link:Live Video StreamThe Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of…

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William Lane Craig and the Basis of Faith, Douglas Beaumont’s Failed Attempt at Redefining John 6:44 – Christian Article

Started off responding to this article by William Lane Craig, once again dealing with the relationship between God’s revelation in Scripture and our knowledge, including our knowledge of who Christ was (and is).  Craig is the primary source for Andy Stanley’s position, by the way, as you will see.  Then we transitioned into a full-on refutation of this article by Dr. Douglas Beaumont, formerly of Southern Evangelical Seminary and one of the many staff and students who have converted to…

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Microphone Testing, Living Out, Traditional Textism and the Longer Ending of Mark – Christian Article

Started off with technical issues, to be honest (tried a new microphone that didn’t work out well, yet, anyway), and then eventually discussed Tom Buck’s currently running series of articles on Living Out. Then moved to the Traditional Text position (TR) finishing up with a look at the endings of Mark.  We will be back on Thursday of this week.  Don’t forget the South Texas Bible Conference this weekend, and then next weekend the Sola Scriptura conference in Morgan Hill, CA…

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Radio Free Geneva: Jesse Morrell Exposed, John 6:44 Excuses Examined – Christian Article

Decided to fire up a Radio Free Geneva today to go over the pile of heresies and errors propounded by street preacher Jesse Morrell recently down in Texas in a conversation with Pastor Emilio Ramos. Morrell is an open theist/Pelagian/original sin denying/sinless perfectionist, so the combination of errors results in amazing teachings!  A useful opportunity to illustrate falsehoods.  Then we took a few minutes to look at some excuses used by folks to get around John 6:44 and its…

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Upcoming Debates, Tom Buck and Sam Allberry, Steven Anderson and Textual Traditionalism – Christian Article

Started off with some exciting news about possible upcoming major debates and pointing folks to the Travel Fund as the most important way of helping us to make this happen.  Then we looked at the fall out from the posting of the four-part series of articles by Pastor Tom Buck interacting with materials found on the Living Out website before turning back to textual issues in finishing up our response to Steven Anderson’s video on chapter three of the…

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City Council Video, Ekemini Uwan and Wicked Whiteness, Radio Free Geneva on Leighton Flowers – Christian Article

Started off with my 3 minute presentation to the Phoenix City Council from last Wednesday, then moved into a pretty full analysis of Ekemini Uwan’s comments at the Sparrow Conference focused on the “wickedness of whiteness.”  Looked a lot at the critical theory foundation to her views.  Then we fired up the Radio Free Geneva theme and looked at a portion of Leighton Flowers’ comments on a recent Unbelievable webcast on the topic of “meticulous providence.”  Nearly two hours…

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A Remote Dividing Line Discussing Abortion, Gender Issues, and Then Transitioning to More IFB Craziness – Christian Article

Needed to do the program remotely today from my home (and aside from one slip up, it actually worked quite well!).  Discussed the amazing (and disgusting) tweets put out by a woman saying “goodbye” to the aborted baby she murdered as if this was an act of love on her part—tough way to start the program, I know.  But when we discussed the high school French teacher who lost his job for refusing to call a girl a guy.…

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Responding to the IFB/KJVOs: James White and Jeff Durbin – Christian Article

Did a two part program today. The first (this portion) is a discussion between James and Jeff on the issues raised by a spate of IFB/KJVO videos coming out of the Steven Anderson wing of the IFB movement.  We discuss the gospel and the key issues that followers of this movement need to consider.   Nearly two hours of conversation! Here is the YouTube link:Live Video StreamThe Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also provides videos of…

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James White and Jason Robinson Discuss Romans 8:28-34 – Christian Article

Pastor Jason Robinson from West Virginia joined us on the program today to offer competing (and conflicting!) interpretations of this key soteriological text.  30 minutes of exegesis then 30 minutes of cross-ex, with ten minutes of closing statements. We developed connection issues during the cross-examination and had to go to the phone to finish things up.  Jeff Durbin joined me after the debate to discuss some of the issues raised in the program. Here is the YouTube link:Live Video…

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Radio Free Geneva: The Andy Stanley/Leighton Flowers Interview – Christian Article

We premiered the new version of the theme song by Tim Bushong today, with almost all new quotes (though he kept “Read my book.”)  A few folks have complained that Ergun Caner is no longer standing on his hands on a stump, but, let’s be honest, most of our listeners don’t know much about Ergun Caner anymore.  Anyway, now Steven Anderson and Leighton Flowers have quotes in the RFG opening.  Probably considered a real honor by many! Anyway, we…

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