A Quiet DL (Because James Has Almost No Voice) – Christian Article

Had some technical issues so the live stream did not go very well today.  Talked a bit about the trip to Owensboro and the upcoming G3 Conference.  Then looked at a few texts on the biblical teaching on the world’s hatred of the Kingship of Jesus, then looked at the Netherlands and their strong secular move against Christian belief within their borders on the issue of human sexuality. Talked a bit about the radicals in our own borders, and followed…

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About My ERLC Donation Email – Christian Article

I received an email soliciting donations for the Southern Baptist ERLC (The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission). I found it quite interesting. It was signed by Brent Leatherwood, “Director of Strategic Partnerships.” It was brief, and began with a paragraph noting how the ERLC had gone to the “next level of gospel ministry” in 2018. There were three ways in which this had happened. Each was given a single sentence summary. The first was, “This year alone, we placed…

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