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11/18/2018 | Share this article: By Carl S ~ One thing about human beings is the fact too many of them refuse to grow up. This causes troubles for the majority of us. Those who want to keep their childhood religious fantasies still have the child’s worldview “everything important relates to me.” They don’t want to give up their conviction some benevolent, replacement father-spirit is watching over them, so everything will work out a-ok, no matter what befalls everyone and…

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No Pictures Available ~ ExChristian.Net – Christian Article

12/21/2018 | Share this article: By Carl S ~ One of my better reference book acquisitions is “The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book,” by Bill Watterson. For this application, I’m citing his chapter on “licensing.” The cartoonist shows himself to be a man of high integrity by not selling out his characters, strip, and ongoing story lines for profit, thus avoiding “the corruption of a strip’s integrity.” Watterson has never allowed images of Calvin and Hobbes outside of their…

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Suppose There’s No God? Live. Love. Laugh ~ ExChristian.Net – Christian Article

You are here: Home » Carl S , Opinion » Suppose There’s No God? Live. Love. Laugh 12/21/2018 | Share this article: By Carl S. ~ Since there’s no evidence for a God, gods or goddesses, the supposing will go on ad infinitum. Why go any further, why bother to? All theologies are “systems of opinions;” real explanations are needed for why things are the way they are. These we have in abundance. Should we care about explanations for how…

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