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Every Logos Sale Happening Now, in One Post – Christian Article

From free books to discounts on Logos 8, here’s everything that’s free and on sale this month on, Faithlife Connect, and Faithlife Ebooks. Free books At the links above you’ll also find books for $2–$4, including two popular Old and New Testament exegesis books. 4 free Bible study bundles To celebrate the new year and all the new opportunities to dig into God’s Word, we’ve put together four free bundles. One is for anyone who doesn’t own a Logos…

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What is God’s View on Ghosts, Channeling, and Spiritism? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Do you believe in ghosts? According to the Huffington Post, nearly half of Americans do. A HuffPost poll “shows that 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain places and situations.”1 In the U.K., 52 percent of respondents indicated that they believed in ghosts, and that belief is even more widespread in much of Asia.2 Even among Christians in the United States, the…

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Is God Different In The Old Testament Than In The New? – Christian Article

Tweet Did God change from the Old Testament to the New? Was God more violent and harsh in the Old Testament than in the New? Old Testament Sometimes, people have difficulty reading the Old Testament because there is so much violence. They might read how God commanded Israel to completely annihilate the pagan nations that were living in the Promised Land which was given to Israel. For example, 1 Samuel 15:3 says,…

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3 Westminster John Knox Bundles 30% Off – Christian Article

With a publishing history dating back to 1838, Westminster John Knox Press (WJK) and its predecessors have faithfully served scholars, students, clergy, and general readers for almost two centuries. This month we’re putting several WJK resources on sale. Browse the highlights below to see if any would be a good addition to your library, or browse all the WJK resources on sale. The Old and New Testament Library Series (63 vols.) – 30% OffThis series offers authoritative commentary on many…

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