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Why John Piper Loves the Apostle Paul – Christian Article

John Piper’s preaching and publications have constructively influenced countless Christians. If you were wondering who has most influenced John Piper (after Jesus Christ), we now know for certain—it is the apostle Paul (14). Why I Love the Apostle Paul: 30 Reasons is both a tribute to Paul and also a testimony to the ways the apostle has shaped Piper’s thinking, priorities, and life. This slim book, by design, is “not anything like a comprehensive overview of Paul’s thought”; instead it is…

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The Long-Awaited Translation of Stuhlmacher Is a Gift – Christian Article

Scholars and students have eagerly awaited an English translation of Peter Stuhlmacher’s two-volume New Testament (NT) theology Biblical Theology of the New Testament (Biblische Theologie des Neuen Testaments). We can be grateful to Dan Bailey (with help from Jostein Ådna) for completing this massive task so that the work of one of the giants of NT scholarship is now available to a wider audience. At some specified points Bailey augments what Stuhlmacher wrote, and he adds an important chapter on…

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Don Carson on Authority, Self-Defense, and Christian Leadership – Christian Article

Perhaps one of the most difficult charges a mature Christian leader may face is the double-barreled barb that he lacks credentials and effectiveness while exercising too much authority. The charge, of course, may in some cases be valid; but if not, it’s notoriously difficult to answer. If a leader replies to the first part of the criticism by listing his credentials and service, his critics may respond by leaning on the second: “Ah, see, didn’t we tell you? He is…

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