Is Acts a Work of Fiction, History, or Theology? – Christian Article

The Preaching of Saint Paul at Ephesus by Eustache Le Sueur (1649), By Grant Osborne Most ancient books trace the “acts” of heroes like Odysseus, Alexander the Great, or Julius Caesar. Luke’s is unique because these are the “acts” of a movement. As the second part of a two-volume work, it is a historical narrative tracing how the Christ followers built on their founder and became a worldwide force. They began as a fairly narrowly conceived Jewish “sect” and…

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Why Did Jesus Choose to Live in Capernaum? – Christian Article

Quiet Capernaum (Kfar Nahum or “Nathan’s village”) wraps around the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. It’s surrounded by lush, rolling hills that invite easy living—likely the reason a large number of Jews migrated there from Jerusalem after returning from Babylon. Of this region the first-century Jewish historian Josephus wrote: The country that lies over against this lake has the same name of Gennesaret; its nature is wonderful as well as its beauty; its soil is so fruitful that…

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What Book on Preaching Would You Recommend above All Others? – Christian Article

If a young preacher stepped into your office asking for your best book on preaching, what would you suggest? Before I go further, I ask that you would answer that question in the comments. With a little help, this post can be a wonderful resource for preachers looking to grow their craft. Here’s how I would answer it—not as the seasoned preacher, but as the young one. Below are the most formative preaching books and resources I’ve encountered over the…

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What Is Textual Criticism, and Why Is It Necessary? – Christian Article

The Bible was written at a time when the means for sharing documents were far different from the technology we have today. When the church in Thessaloniki received a letter from the apostle Paul in the mid-first century, the believers there would have read it aloud in their gatherings, and then devoted followers who recognized the value of Paul’s words would have produced handwritten copies of the letter to pass around to a wider audience. By the end of the…

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All Your Discount Options on Logos 8, Clearly Explained – Christian Article

It’s official: the Logos 8 launch discounts are ending February 7. Log in to see your savings. (And if you don’t know what all hullaballoo is about with Logos 8, watch this video.) You could save up to 40% on Logos 8 if you buy before February 7, so here’s the lowdown on all your ways to save. To save yourself time, simply log in to see your savings. Then you can ignore this post. Your discounts are automatically calculated…

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5 Highlights in the New Eerdmans Theology & Biblical Studies Collection – Christian Article

Hang around seminary libraries long enough and you’ll start to recognize certain publishers. And you’ll start to reach for their books more and more. Eerdmans is one of those. They were a consistent publisher in my bibliographies all throughout Bible school and seminary, so much that I had the publishing city memorized (Grand Rapids). Right now a massive Eerdmans collection is on Pre-Pub in Logos. I browsed the titles and was intrigued by many of them (one of those “I…

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How to Turn Your Sermon Audio into Transcripts Instantly – Christian Article

Since many of you are preachers and teachers, you may be interested to know that Faithlife Sermons now offers automatic sermon transcription. Faithlife Sermons is a sermon resource and database for preachers and teachers, where you can find sermon illustrations, sermon art, outlines, and other resources. You can also archive and organize your own sermons, which is where the sermon transcription feature comes in. With a full-text version of your sermon audio, you can search all your sermons easily and…

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