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Why did the biblical canon close when it did? ~ ExChristian.Net – Christian Article

1/04/2019 | Share this article: By Michael Runyan ~ Which books constituted the Christian biblical canons of both the Old and New Testament was generally established by the 5th century, despite some scholarly disagreements. Following this time, there were a few alterations made by various groups of Christians, but, universally, it was agreed that no contemporary writings could ever be added and further that nothing written after about CE150 was eligible. The question is why was this artificial cut-off time…

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Humans out-communicate God ~ ExChristian.Net – Christian Article

12/21/2018 | Share this article: By Michael Runyan ~ Within the past few decades, human technology has advanced to the point where a message can be delivered to well over half of the earth’s population in a matter of seconds. The message can arrive without any alterations or interpolations, pristinely accurate to the author’s original creation. Although, there can be arguments about the intent or meaning of the message, the exact text is not in dispute. By contrast, when God…

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Predicting the future in a Christian world ~ ExChristian.Net – Christian Article

11/18/2018 | Share this article: By Michael Runyan ~ It is common for various authorities to make predictions of future events as a means for society to prepare for such eventualities, such as, for example, the path of a hurricane, the arrival of cold or hot weather, rain, or snow, the prognosis and timing of recovery from various diseases, future economic activity levels, the growth of wildfires, tides and flooding levels, and harvesting amounts related to agriculture. In the Christian…

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