Reckoning with R. Kelly – Christ and Pop Culture – Christian Article

R. Kelly is one of the most successful R&B singers of all time. He’s sold 75 million albums and singles and won numerous honors including Billboard, BET, and NAACP awards, Grammys, and even the key to the city of Baton Rouge. But he’s also been hounded by decades of serious allegations: sexual abuse, child pornography, pedophilia, and imprisoning women in a cult. We crave simplicity, even moreso in a social media dominated world of memes and hot takes. We want…

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What Is Masculinity? Gillette’s Challenge to Men in the Era of #MeToo – Christian Article

When Gillette released their new ad on January 13, I’m sure they hoped to catch people’s attention. That is part of the goal of advertising, after all. What they perhaps didn’t anticipate was how overwhelmingly negative the reactions would be. In light of the #MeToo era, Gillette crafted an ad in which they accept culpability for their brand’s role in influencing some well-known negative aspects of male culture. The hook of the ad asks, “Is this the best a man…

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CAPC’s Most-Read Articles of 2018 – Christian Article

Reviewing our most-read articles each year gives us a snapshot of the cultural highs and lows from the past 365 days. Our content covers a wide array of topics—film, television, literature, media, internet, politics, music, tech, sports, celebrity culture, and more. The most-read article list is a check of our readership’s pulse, so to speak. And the articles that got our readers’ hearts beating in 2018? There are several covering the #metoo and #ChurchToo movement; a few on key cultural…

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