The Moral Compromise of Supporting Trump – Christian Article

In this episode, Christian and Amy ask why white Evangelicals support Trump in such big numbers. As much as 77% of white Evangelicals support Trump. Why do they continue to support him? Do progressives share anything with Evangelicals besides the name Christian? They talk about the moral compromise and rationalization of supporting Trump, the perceived loss of (white) identity, support for a populist movement, and comfort with a patriarchal order. Plus, and update and continuation from the last episode on…

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Words at War – Christian Article

Words we use – or withhold – shape our culture, opinions and identities. From media and Church to the White House, our words are at war to claim attention more than ever before. We examine Trump’s words (and silence) regarding Sen. McCain’s death, the Vatican’s response to recent abuse allegations, what various media outlets chose to cover after the Manafort and Cohen dramas, and whether preaching is a dying craft. Our guest is Jonathan Merritt, author of “Learning to Speak…

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Season of Doubt – Christian Article

September 12, 2018 by Deacon Piatt With a freshman in high school, Amy and Christian Piatt are getting familiar with a whole new set of doubts. This got them thinking about how much doubt we’re surrounded by every day. But a question keep nagging at them… Is our doubt getting worse? From AI mimicry to feel-good stories gone bad, it seems like we have to question the very reality around us. So that’s what the Piatts do in this CultureCast.…

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