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The Song of Songs: A 7-Day Devotional – Christian Article

This article is part of the Reading Plans series. We Love Love There is no shortage of love stories in books, movies, and songs. Culture loves love. But the greatest of all tales is told in Scripture itself. In The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs, Phil Ryken says: The best way to capture God’s vision for anything is simply to work through some relevant part of the Bible, letting God’s Spirit set the agenda through Scripture.…

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The Antidote to Self-Pity | Crossway Articles – Christian Article

A Cultural Love Fest These days we’ve hardly gotten Christmas cleaned up and put away before stores are festooned in red and pink. The buildup for Valentine’s Day—or “National Singles Awareness Day” as a friend coined it—is a solid three to four weeks of diamond ads, rose peddlers, heart-shaped candy, and photos everywhere of smiling couples gazing at each other in rapt, adoring attention. When you’re single and unattached, it’s hard to go anywhere and not be reminded that you…

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5 Myths about the Song of Songs – Christian Article

This article is part of the 5 Myths series. Myth #1: The Song of Songs is just a human love story. I do not intend to treat the Song of Songs like an allegory, in which everything in the book stands for something else, and in which we start coming up with meanings that the author never intended. But I do want to be faithful to God’s purposes for marriage and romance, which the Bible consistently regards as mysteries that…

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Cool When Your Kids Misbehave – Christian Article

The Volcano Erupts Do you identify with the parent who has said and done things he wouldn’t ordinarily recommend? The child misbehaved–again!–and suddenly from somewhere down deep a volcano erupts. Not cool. Beneath the Surface of the Volcano So, you’ve blown your stack. You admit it. You confess your wrongness to all involved parties. You apologize, asking forgiveness. And you resolve to not be that way again, to not do it again. But there’s the problem. The resolve of our…

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8 Real-Life Questions about Children and Discipline – Christian Article

Biblical Help for Parenting The Bible teaches that a loving parent is one that disciplines his or her child. But the how can often confound well-meaning parents. Below, Sam Crabtree, author of Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children shares some practical advice for how to navigate some specific situations in the home. One Step at a Time You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of parenting advice that exists. Take a breath. Break the goal down…

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4 Things at Stake When Your Children Don’t Obey – Christian Article

Training Kids to Listen What’s at stake in practicing correction is probably better gauged by understanding what happens when correction doesn’t get practiced very well. What’s at stake, maybe of most importance, is gospel opportunity for the heart of the child. To take one step back from that, if parents can’t get their children to listen to them for ordinary, everyday tasks, then they forfeit a hearing for the gospel. We want our children to hear the gospel, therefore we…

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5 Myths about Womanhood | Crossway Articles – Christian Article

This article is part of the 5 Myths series. Myth #1: Being a Christian woman means that my husband or the elders at my church answer to God on my behalf and I don’t answer to God directly. In some circles, I have occasionally spoken with women (and men!) who believe that a husband or the elders of the church act as an intermediary between a woman and God. These women believe that they are covered by the men in…

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The Common Calling of All Women – Christian Article

Meet Real Needs The pertinent question for women entering the workforce or motherhood or setting up their home or any sphere of work is this: Am I faithfully obeying God as his child by meeting the genuine needs of others, or am I pursuing self-actualization, self-fulfillment, or selfish ambition apart from him? Our faithfulness first requires a kind of death—death to self and selfish ambition. Yet death leads to life—life where Christ is working his way into and out of…

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An Open Letter to the Parent of a Strong-Willed Child – Christian Article

This article is part of the Open Letters series. Dear weary parent, Few things are as burdensome to a parent than a pattern of a small child’s growing reluctance to cooperate with you. Such ache can reflect loving concern for the child. My heart goes out to you in this difficulty. I’ve heard parents say things like, “I feel like I’ve exhausted all my options. No approach seems to work. I’ve tried praying with him. I’ve tried appealing to his…

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The Problem with Child-Directed Parenting – Christian Article

A Movement Should we go along with a movement called “Child-directed Parenting”? Child-directed parenting is when the child is given jurisdiction to overrule the parents, to set the agenda, pursue his own preferences while muting or disregarding parental intrusions which may deny or delay the child’s wants, even momentarily. Child-directed parenting is organized around the child’s interests, as though that’s what the child needs. But what the child needs is what is in dispute. God-Designed Authority Children are not parents.…

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Don’t Waste Your Life: A 5-Day Devotional – Christian Article

This article is part of the Reading Plans series. Life Is Short Time is fleeting and we will have to answer for how we’ve spent our days on earth. Beyond the legacy that you’ll leave for your family, what gospel difference will your life have made in the world? In Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper says: The unwasted life is based on the discovery that our deepest joy and God’s beautiful majesty reach their apex together. There is…

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5 Myths about Complementarianism | Crossway Articles – Christian Article

Individual yet Distinct Complementarian interpretation of Scripture holds that God’s creation purpose for man and woman entails equality of individual value but also distinct roles. God established this intrinsic reality and order at creation as part of his blueprint for the man’s and woman’s mission on earth to be lived out together for his glory. According to the divine design, men are given the responsibility to lead in marriage and the family, as well as in the church as God’s…

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