Do Progressive Christians Want to Make Disciples? – Christian Article

October 3, 2018 by Tripp Fuller Do Progressive Christians Want to Make Disciples? We got a call from Deacon Luke Allison and he has a topic that makes the progressive Christian wiggle – discipleship. Jesus called them and told us to do it, but has that time passed? What does disciple-making look like in our pluralistic world? How does the relationship of Jesus to his disciples in the New Testament impact our contemporary vision? Can the call to make disciples…

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Elgin goes to Mars – Christian Article

Elgin, my oldest son, just turned 11 and he has managed to talk himself into a podcast appearance. Personally I had a blast. It may be a completely new parenting tactic – get your 11 year old Son to record a podcast and they will talk to you about something other than Fortnite for 30 minutes!! Elgin is a pretty big fan of the National Geographic show MARS and we are currently rocking the second season. It is about an…

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Behold the Earth! a conversation with David G. Conover

My guest in this episode is the director and ecological activist behind the new film Behold the Earth – David Conover. It’s a music-filled documentary with some of the most beautiful footage the screen can manage. I was moved by the emptive power of the film’s imagery and music and I was inspired by the stories of ecological activism emerging in religious communities. Check out the trailer below and don’t forget that the film has already created the resources to host a screening…

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