The Covenant Of Fruitfulness – Bishop David Abioye – Christian Article

The First Vice President of the Living Faith Bible Church popularly known as Winners Chapel writes on Understanding the Covenant of Fruitfulness One very important truth you must know is that fruitfulness is a covenant. You have a part to play and God has His. If you want God to fulfill His part you must fulfill yours. It is not just enough to look onto God to give you a miracle child, you must walk in the covenant; go into…

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How To Pray For Your Children – Christian Article

Too many Christian parents today are wasting time worrying about their children. Years ago, Gloria and I saw the devil trying to get a foothold in our children’s lives, so one weekend we got our concordance and four or five translations of the Bible. We began to search out scriptures and write out agreement prayers concerning them. We tore into the devil with the Word of God and started saying, “Thank God, our children are not going to hell. Thank…

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Has Your Child Been Looking at Bad Stuff Online? – Christian Article

What does a parent do when they catch their young child looking at inappropriate stuff online? I have been asked this one many times and in many ways and wanted to take a crack at answering it. Here is the Circle device we use in our home. Transcript Over the years there’s an email I’ve gotten many times, it’s a conversation I’ve had at conferences, it’s one I’ve had with friends, at church. It’s one that comes up a lot…

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