Did God Hand Job Over to Satan? (Job 2:6) – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

God good; Satan bad. That’s deep revelation, yet many don’t know it. They think a good God does bad things and that he sometimes employs the devil to do his dirty work. Take the subject of sickness, for instance. When we get sick it’s natural to ask, how did this happen? Did I catch a bug? Did I eat something bad? Is God punishing me for some sin? That last question is nuts, yet many think that’s how God operates.…

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Did God Ruin Job? (Job 2:3) – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

Pop quiz: Which Biblical character has attracted the most comments on this blog? Yes, it’s Job, which tells me that the story of Job-who-lost-everything is one of the most divisive in scripture. For the past eight years, I have maintained that God was not complicit in the ruin of Job. God did not rob him, kill his kids, or make him sick. Nor was God involved in the devil’s schemes. Yet some folk take umbrage with these claims. They seem…

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Is Job a Type of Jesus? – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

The Bible contains pictures of Jesus on every page. Indeed, one of the reasons why I enjoy reading the scriptures, is they reveal much about the character of Christ. But what about the story of Job? Where is Jesus in that? A couple of readers suggested that Job represents Christ in this story. I have to confess, I had never heard this before, but it turns out to be a common teaching. Like Christ, Job was a righteous guy who…

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The Gospel of Jesus in the Story of Job – Escape to Reality – Christian Article

Imagine you wanted to turn the story of Job into a play, but not a historical play. You have no interest in telling the old story of a man who was robbed and suffered. You’re much more meta than that. No, you want a gospel play. You want to tell the good news story of Jesus using characters from the story of Job. How would you do that? And who would play which role? I love the gospel and I love…

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