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Book Review: The Classical Revolution by John Borstlap – Christian Article

By Jeremiah Lawson In a time when the President has openly questioned what the United States get from being in NATO and fears that Russian and Chinese influence threaten the stability of the Atlantic American-European order, now would not seem like the most urgent time to advocate that what will renew humanity is Western European classical music. I love classical music from the masses of Tallis and Byrd up through the string quartets of Shostakovich and the guitar sonatas of…

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Book Review: Music as an Art by Roger Scruton – Mere Orthodoxy – Christian Article

By Jeremiah Lawson As a written practice, Western music goes back at least a thousand years. Over the centuries music has been made in the service of churches and courts, and from roughly the eighth through the thirteenth centuries was very often vocal music. Soloists and choirs sang the praises of God and rulers, in the service of altar or throne. Instrumental music has always been with us but instrumental music didn’t begin to develop as a written tradition in…

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