The Common Rule by Justin Earley, Free for CAPC Members – Christian Article

The Common Rule by Justin Earley is graciously available free to Christ and Pop Culture members until July 17, 2019, through our partnership with InterVarsity Press.  The Common Rule by Justin Earley begins with an all too familiar anecdote in American culture—that of a seemingly successful man riddled with anxiety, worn down with the burden of his own achievements. Unaided by medicinal intervention, Earley was eventually left to face the subtle but devastating root of his anxiety: a life established on…

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Melding the Church Categories | Thinking Out Loud

Last year the academic books division of InterVarsity Press (IVP) released a title which intrigued me.  Gordon T. Smith is the President of Ambrose University in Calgary. Evangelical, Sacramental, Pentecostal: Why the Church Should Be All Three struck me as an ecclesiastic and doctrinal equivalent to what the late Robert Webber was trying to move us toward; the idea of blended worship. The idea is to move from a polarized, either/or approach to incorporating the best from different traditions. At…

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