Free in January: Goldingay’s Isaiah for Everyone – Christian Article

January’s free book is here! This month, go deeper in your study of the book of Isaiah—plus, get two more books for less than $5. Isaiah for Everyone — free in JanuaryIn this volume on Isaiah, John Goldingay carefully explores the great prophetic book. The messages to the people of Judah and Jerusalem included calls to recognize injustice, to have hope in the face of oppression, and to reckon with God’s coming judgment. Goldingay shows how these messages are bound…

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The Bible Verse of the Year for 2018

Clarke Dixon is a Canadian pastor, friend, and — compared with everyone else I interact with online — we’re practically next door neighbors. His writings appear every Thursday at our sister blog, Christianity 201, but this seemed like a great choice to start the new year. I figured he gave us permission for one part of our blogging network, so that included Thinking Out Loud as well, right? His writing appears at or if you prefer, you can read…

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