Razing Hell with Ira Glass – Christian Article

In this episode of the CultureCast, Amy gets to share some big news about her new position in Texas, and Christian gets his nerd credentials boosted by Ira Glass. Amy and Christian look at the state of leadership in the church today. what does it take to truly lead the church in the 21st century? what does society need from a faith leader? how do faith leaders best care for people today? how do you lead people in something that…

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Best of the CultureCast – Christian Article

May 16, 2018 by Nathanael Welch This is our first ever ‘Best Of’ episode, looking back at some of the best interviews from the 6 months… ish. These are just short clips from 7 different interviews, so if you want to listen to the whole thing just click on the links: Carol Howard Merritt talks about overcoming religious trauma Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde talks a little about her Theology of Prince project Dr. Daniel White Hodge and the theology of…

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