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Most Interesting Reading of 2018: Part Two – Christian Article

Kevin T. Bauder In last week’s “In the Nick of Time” I began listing my most interesting reading from 2018. Here that list continues. Both submissions should be read together as a single list. Let me state that these are not necessarily the best books that I read (though some of them are). Nor am I suggesting these as titles that you should read. The listing will tell you mostly about me and what I find interesting, and I know…

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Most Interesting Reading of 2018: Part One – Christian Article

Kevin T. Bauder Every now and then I try to provide a list of the books I’ve found most interesting during the preceding year. These are not necessarily the most useful books or the books that I think everybody ought to read. They are simply the titles that I found intriguing for one reason or another. Your mileage may vary. The list is too long to cover in a single issue of “In the Nick of Time.” Here is the…

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