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Every Good Sermon Has These 3 Qualities – Christian Article

Sometimes when people think about preaching, they think about a bunch of rules (i.e., there are three things that go into an introduction; the ways in which you make a good outline; if you are going to use illustrations, you ought to have one for every point). Those are the kinds of rules you get. But those rules don’t answer a basic question: What is the essence of good preaching? The rules get at the essence. I have taught preaching…

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Haddon Robinson on the 2 Essential Elements of Preaching – Christian Article

Some time ago I went to church—I go to church regularly—and on this particular Sunday I did not have any responsibilities (i.e., I didn’t have to preach, I didn’t have to read the Scriptures). I had some friends who went with me. They were folks who, if you were taking a religious survey, would check “churchgoer occasionally.” One of these friends said that, when he and his wife go to church, they don’t like the music. They’re always singing the…

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