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A Game Changer for the Selfishness Problem – Christian Article

By Dave & Ann Wilson One Saturday several years ago, we flew to Illinois to watch one of our sons play in a college football game. As I (Dave) drove our rental car from the Chicago airport to the stadium, I glanced over at Ann, who was napping. I thought to myself, I am so lucky to be married to this woman. I took note of the cute little lines on her beautiful face and reminisced about all the memories…

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Visiting the Holy Land: Sites in Israel to Help Your Child Connect With God – Christian Article

  Visiting the Holy Land: Sites in Israel to Help Your Child Connect With God Milton Goh and Amilee Kang also visited Capernaum, the town where Jesus lived. Many of Jesus’ miracles as recorded in the four Gospels were done there. ​About the Author Jennifer Glenn left her corporate finance job to pursue her true passion of writing. She now prefers to spend more time with her three beautiful children. ​​ The number of young adults and children that claim to…

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The Significance of Olives in the Bible

By Margaret Feinberg My body rotates around a tree until I pluck every last olive. Two hours and 57 minutes have passed since I first tried my hand at this. I relish in how my skills are improving, but then I look to my 75-year-old companion, Mama. She has cleared two-and-a-half trees in the same span of time. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Fresh Foodie Bible Study Adventure: An Interview with Margaret Feinberg] Leif and I have never…

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