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New Documentary Reckons with Christianity’s Spotty History – Christian Article

If Christianity is true, why do so many Christians act in horrific, un-Christlike ways? Why has Christian history been so consistently tarnished with war, violence, and oppression? Why should one believe Jesus is God if so much evil has been done in his name? These questions represent one of the most popular objections to Christianity today. They are good questions: questions Christians should take seriously and know how to answer; questions that should chasten us and cause us to commit…

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9 Movie Moments of Unmerited Grace – Christian Article

Movies, and stories generally, are structured as they are for a reason. Conflict builds, obstacles intensify, the downward spiral accelerates until the protagonist reaches bottom. There is seemingly no way out. No hope. But then, the turn. It usually happens in the film’s third act, sometimes in the final moments. The tension climaxes to an unbearable degree, and then catharsis: despair and darkness suddenly met with a glimmer of hope. A rescuer arrives: unexpected, unearned salvation from out of nowhere.…

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Achieve or Die: Reflections on ‘Free Solo’ – Christian Article

I sat on the edge of my seat watching Alex Honnold cling by his fingertips to the side of the 3,000-foot precipice of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Sitting in a packed IMAX theater, I forced my brain to tell my muscles to relax for the duration of this intense, 100-minute documentary. Free Solo gets its name because it follows Honnold’s attempt to become the first man in history to “free solo” El Capitan—climbing it without support equipment. The…

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