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A Lifestyle Of Thanksgiving & Praise – Christian Article

What is Praise? Praise is appreciating God for His person, in other words it is appreciating and worshiping God for Who He is because of your high rating of Him. When we praise God, our focus is on Him and not ourselves. We look away from what we think we do not have to Who we have; because the One we have holds the keys to our heart desires. What is Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude especially to…

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Maintaining Spiritual Fervency In Marriage – Christian Article

Why Do You Need to Maintain Spiritual Fervency in Marriage? Spirituality is a growth in our relationship with God. It is not an achievement; rather, it is a journey, a process that gives room for growth and advancement. To be spiritual is to walk with God according to His dictates as stated in His Word. To be spiritually fervent, therefore, means to have a strong and sincere connection with God. 1. It is Commanded by God: To be spiritually minded at…

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