5 Ways to Share Your Faith with New Parents and Baby – Christian Article

With flowers blooming, birds chirping, and sun shining, the spring season makes us think of new life. Just like the world during springtime, new parents who are welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world are undergoing a beautiful change. [Sign up to receive the free email Bible Verse of the Day from Bible Gateway] But it can be a trying time for newly-minted moms and dads as they try to figure out a new rhythm. How can you…

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Read the Bible in a New Configuration – Christian Article

An Ancient Presentation of Scripture Three aspects about the organization of the Bible must be understood from the start: The books that comprise the Bible weren’t assigned designated places in the table of contents. While all 66 books are sacred, the order in which they’re organized is not. There are multiple ways of organizing the individual books of the Bible depending on the type of reading experience desired. The traditional configuration of the Bible—the one you probably grew up with—has…

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