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Apologies, Power, and Martyrdom in a Decadent Age – Christian Article

For the second time in 18 months Republicans have needed to make use of the distinction between ephebophilia and pedophilia while defending one of their own. The fact that we are here may well say all that needs saying about our political moment. But on the chance that it does not, let’s venture another word. To whatever extent we are having a debate right now over whether or not Tucker Carlson should face stern public condemnation from his fellow conservatives…

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Whose Reaganism? Which Republicanism? – Mere Orthodoxy – Christian Article

In an intriguing document published last week at First Things and signed by a number of prominent dissident conservatives, the drafters called for an end to “warmed-over Reaganism,” and exhorted America’s conservatives to embrace a communal conservatism that values home, small community, and that concerns itself not only for the capitalist elite, but also with the welfare of workers. On the substantial points of their statement, it is hard to find anything to disagree with. Indeed, it reads more like a further development of…

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Desire, Duty, and Dynamite – Christian Article

As it becomes clearer and clearer that global climate change is dangerous and will require enormous efforts to protect human lives from its effects, the debate about how our individual choices and corporate efforts affect us has only gotten sharper. Take, for example, this recent discussion from David Roberts (expanded with this Twitter thread) about “climate hawks”: while concern for Earth’s climate has traditionally been linked to environmental identity and environmentalism as an ideology, ameliorating climate change will require a…

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