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5 Budget-Friendly Church Tech Options That Produce Great Results – Christian Article

If you’ve ever priced custom in-ear monitors for your worship leader, you know that church tech can get expensive fast. Sometimes it’s necessary to make those large investments in technology to keep moving forward. But there’s also tech available that will produce high-end results without the massive price tag. Here are five budget-friendly options that are either free or very low cost. Google Hangouts Google Hangouts is a free way to make video or voice calls and have group chats…

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Church Budget Got You Down? Get This Free Guide. – Christian Article

Working in the church (salaried or not) is a huge honor. Nothing’s better than sharing the gospel with people and teaching the truth of God’s Word. Administration is a huge part of church ministry, and budgeting a big part of administration—an area not everyone is skilled in. Get a free guide for building a predictable church budget. Whether you oversee the whole church budget or just one part, know budgets like the back of your hand or are just building…

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Tech Tuesday: Faithlife Proclaim Training for Volunteers – Christian Article

Want peace of mind knowing your volunteers are totally ready to use Faithlife Proclaim? Check out the Proclaim Volunteer Reference Guide. It’s available online and in printable form and covers the basics of how to use Proclaim: everything from going On Air to editing slides during a live presentation. We’ve also made an easy-to-follow video that goes with this guide: Click here for a quick overview of Proclaim, perfect for sharing with your volunteers! — Don’t have Faithlife Proclaim yet? If…

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Tech Tuesday: How to Creatively Emphasize Text – Christian Article

In any given sentence—be it a worship song lyric or a church announcement—some words are more important than others. That’s why it’s fun to be able to draw attention to those words with just a few clicks, like you can through Proclaim’s box fill justification and shape features. Call out your message Make your text as big as you want. Proclaim’s box fill justification feature lets you make your text expand to the edges of your text box, filling it…

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3 Ways to Empower Mobile Giving at Your Church – Christian Article

What three mobile apps do your members use most? A recent survey shows nearly one-third of smartphone users rank their mobile banking app as their most-used app, just after social media and weather. And it’s not just the under-30 crowd that’s managing their money from their phones. Nearly half of adults in the survey are increasingly using mobile banking. Here are three tips for making the most of these changes when it comes to helping your members give and tithe.…

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How to Choose the Right Church Website Domain Name – Christian Article

If you want your church to be more discoverable online, one of the best things you can do is nail your domain name. Here are nine quick-and-dirty tips to follow on your way to a memorable, discoverable church website domain name. 1. Get as close to your church name as possible Instinctively, people type the name of a company or organization into their address bar, followed by .com. Or, people simply Google the name of your church. If that name…

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