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Church Budget Got You Down? Get This Free Guide. – Christian Article

Working in the church (salaried or not) is a huge honor. Nothing’s better than sharing the gospel with people and teaching the truth of God’s Word. Administration is a huge part of church ministry, and budgeting a big part of administration—an area not everyone is skilled in. Get a free guide for building a predictable church budget. Whether you oversee the whole church budget or just one part, know budgets like the back of your hand or are just building…

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Why You Should Take Your Small Group through I Am N – Christian Article

Yousef, whose mother threatened to kill him for having a Bible, now smuggles Bibles the way his family once smuggled drugs. After Parveen’s employer beat her for attending church, she began to help other young Christian women who work in Muslim houses. Abdulmasi had a Paul-like experience: he went from killing hundreds of Christians in northern Nigeria to living a life of faith, sacrificing everything for a God of love. What can we learn from these faith-filled brothers and sisters…

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How to Choose the Right Church Website Domain Name – Christian Article

If you want your church to be more discoverable online, one of the best things you can do is nail your domain name. Here are nine quick-and-dirty tips to follow on your way to a memorable, discoverable church website domain name. 1. Get as close to your church name as possible Instinctively, people type the name of a company or organization into their address bar, followed by .com. Or, people simply Google the name of your church. If that name…

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