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3 Crucial Qualities of All Good Sermons – Christian Article

Anatomy of the Soul John Calvin once said that the Psalms are an anatomy of all parts of the soul. What the Psalms do is present the idealistic, the realistic, and the optimistic view of the Christian life. In a sense, the whole Bible does that and it’s important that a preacher do that as well. If you only preach the idealistic part of the Christian life—the Romans 8 part where everything is well and you’re growing in the spirit,…

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How to Move Doctrine from Head to Heart – Christian Article

Tasting the Word of God Biblical preaching moves the hearer from head to heart and from the ethereal to the experiential by focusing on what the believer actually encounters when he really experiences ortastes this doctrine. As Jeremiah said, “I did eat the Word of God, it was sweet—sweeter than a honeycomb in my life.” Take the doctrine of the intercession of Christ—a very underrated doctrine in all kinds of Christian branches today. But it is an amazing doctrine. He…

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