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When Serving in Ministry is an Afterthought

It was 1989. The big city Christian bookstore closed at 6:00 PM on Saturday nights. At 5:30 he walked in and we got into a conversation where he let it be known that his reason for shopping was that he needed to buy an accompaniment tape as he was booked to be the “special music” at church the following morning. He wanted to listen to a few songs and “get some ideas.” This wasn’t a small country church. This was…

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The Walk-Away Factor | Thinking Out Loud

The Walk-Away Factor One thing I’ve never been able to understand is: How someone could serve in a local church and then, when the job ends, stop attending (any) church altogether How someone could work in a Christian bookstore and then, when the job ends, simply stop reading Christian books How someone could attend seminary and then, upon graduation, lose all interest in doctrine and theology How someone could live on the mission field and then, on return to their…

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