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Why Is the Resurrection Central to the Christian Faith? (Video) – Christian Article

J. Warner Wallace discusses the evidence for Christianity with apologist, Sean McDowell, as part of the “Advocates” series from Awana. In this clip, J. Warner describes why the Resurrection is the foundational claim of Christianity. If you’re interested in this great series for high school students, visit the Advocates webpage. To see more training videos with J. Warner Wallace, visit the YouTube… This is Only a Snippet of a Christian Article written by J. Warner Read Full Article

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Why I Started to Investigate Christianity (Video) – Cold Case Christianity – Christian Article

J. Warner Wallace answers questions about Christianity in his “Think Like a Detective”series on RightNow Media, the “Netflix of Christian Bible Studies”. In this video, J. Warner addresses the question: What got you started on your investigation of Christianity? Why did you apply your detective skills to the case for the Resurrection of Jesus? In addition, if your church is subscribed to RightNowMedia, you can watch the Cold-Case Christianity Bible Study or the Forensic Faith Bible Study right now. You can also…

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