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Get a Free Book on Paul’s Theology of Justification – Christian Article

Don’t miss February’s Free Book of the Month, Christ, Our Righteousness: Paul’s Theology of Justification by Mark A. Seifrid, available through February 28. Mark Seifrid offers a comprehensive analysis of Paul’s understanding of justification in light of important themes, including the righteousness of God, the Old Testament law, faith, and the destiny of Israel. After examining justification in Romans, Seifrid surveys the entire Pauline corpus, incorporating a critical assessment of the “new perspective” by challenging its most basic assumptions. Grab…

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Snag a Free Theology Book – Christian Article

Mark A. Seifrid’s book Christ, Our Righteousness—free this month—offers a comprehensive analysis of Paul’s understanding of justification, the central topic of the New Perspectives on Paul debate. It’s part of the renowned New Studies in Biblical Theology series. In the following excerpt adapted from the book, Seifrid discusses the relationship between the law, the gospel, and the law’s ultimate fulfillment: love. *** According to Paul, the law serves the gospel and not the reverse. The gospel has been given not…

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