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Self-Loathing Almost Ruined My Easter—and I’m Glad It Did – Christian Article

Many times, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the gap between my beliefs and my behavior. The week before one particular Easter, I did something that caused me to deeply dislike myself. On a dinner date with my wife, Patti, I expressed my frustration with a certain individual, and then started tearing the person apart with gossip. After I finished assassinating the person’s character with my words, Patti looked at me and gently responded, “Scott, you know that you shouldn’t have said…

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Christopher Ash on Teaching Ruth – Christian Article

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy.  Christopher Ash: [over music] The narration draws to our attention the love that Ruth has for Naomi. When Boaz says to Ruth later in the story, “This kindness is even greater than you have shown before,” I always used to assume he was saying, “You’re being kind to me by being willing to marry an older man.” But the…

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The Triumphal Entry before Jesus – Christian Article

Every year on Palm Sunday, children enter our worship service with palm branches, delightfully waving to the congregation (or devilishly whipping one another) in celebration of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. Many know the story of the Lord Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey to the adulation of the crowds. But not everyone knows that long before Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey—hundreds of years before he was even born—another man rode a donkey into Jerusalem. And in that first triumphal…

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