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Tools to Simplify Your Small Group Leader Role – Christian Article

Small group leaders can spend hours each week researching and creating curriculum on top of trying to lead their group effectively. But with a David C Cook study kit, all you need to do is invite your group. You’ll get study books, videos, and leader material to help guide your group toward a stronger faith in God and deeper relationships with one another. Choose from eight bundles, including these highlights: I Am N from Voice of the Martyrs – on…

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Get a Free Bible Study Starter Pack – Christian Article

Yesterday we posted about ways to kickstart your yearly Bible study goals. Today, we’re back with another of a different kind: free Bible study starter packs. We all come into the new year with different goals. Some of us just want to finally nail down a habit of Bible reading, while others have loftier goals, like learning (or relearning) Greek and Hebrew. We’ve put together three packs for three different goals, available free with a trial to Faithlife Connect (and…

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