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All the Ways to Listen to Free Audio Bibles and Devotionals with Bible Gateway – Christian Article

When every day is at least one hour too short and life is too hectic to make a proper breakfast, taking a few minutes to focus on the Bible is a challenge for many of us. That’s why Bible Gateway has dozens of free audio Bibles in over 10 different languages; and multiple, convenient ways of accessing these audio Bibles. This post will summarize the extent of the audio features that Bible Gateway offers to make it easier for you…

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How You Can Easily Read the New Testament in its Original Language on Bible Gateway – Christian Article

Senior marketing associate for Bible Gateway You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or fluent in ancient Greek to experience the words of the New Testament in the language it was written. One of the best-kept secrets on Bible Gateway is that you have immediate free access to Mounce’s Reverse-Interlinear translation for the New Testament of the Bible. And it’s a great way to study the original language of the New Testament. Nowhere else but with the Reverse-Interlinear translation will you… This…

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